Body Oils

June 18, 2020

Body oils are lighter than perfume but heavier than lotion and are the perfect mid-way between perfume and lotion.  Body oils are a natural way of scenting the body with the added benefit of hydration.    The benefits of body oil are that they soak in quickly into the skin to leave the skin hydrated all day.   Oils carry scent more efficiently and in addition the new generation of body oils are non-greasy, hydrating and lightweight.  This means that body oils can easily hydrate the skin without weighting it down and are easier to apply to the skin.

Body oils enable moisture to be locked into the skin and also have protective properties.  The best time to apply a body oils is after taking a bath or shower as the skin is damp and warm, meaning that pores are open enabling the oil to be absorbed more effectively.  One of the benefits of perfumed body oil is the dual benefit of hydration and perfume.  You’ll find that scent imbued body oils carry scent for longer – the oils when applying help warm the skin which in turn helps the perfume sink into the skin.   Natural body warmth then enables the scent to stay on the skin for an extended time.


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