Facial Steaming Treatments

April 10, 2020
Facial Tea Herbs

Facial steaming treatments have long been an old fashioned beauty aid – placing your face over a bowl of hot water helps open the pores and purify’s the skin.     Facial steaming treatments come in a number of varieties – usually comprising of herbal components such as herbs, teas and flowers or essential oils to target specific skin concerns.

As well as opening the pores, facial steam treatments can help sooth some skin conditions and soften and hydrate the skin.  Facial steams help boost circulation and can provided the added benefit of providing radiance to the skin.

Detoxing and decongesting of the skin is one of the benefits of using facial steam therapy with facial teas.  Once the pores are open any dirt is softened and the perspiration which comes from the steaming process enables the pores to release any toxins or dirt buildup.

Facial steaming treatments also prepares the skin for subsequent skin treatments.  Afterwards the skin is softened and is ready for the application of any skin treatments such as moisturisers, serums or oils as they can more easily penetrate your steam prepared skin.

How to Use a Facial Steam Treatment

Pick your treatment based on your skin concerns, for example if you choose to use essential oils as part of a facial steam treatment then jasmine is good for dry skin, rosemary and tea tree are good for acne or conjested skin and lavender and geranium are suitable for sensitive skin.

If you are using one of the facial teas available herbs and flowers such as green tea or chamomile for soothing skin can be used.

First of all make sure your skin is cleansed.   Add 4 – 5 cups of boiling water to a glass bowl, add a handful of facial tea blend or  2 – 3 drops maximum of your chosen essential oil to the hot water and leave to steep for around five minutes.   Place your face a few inches away above the water – don’t lean too  near the water – the steam is meant to act as a treatment, if the steam feels too hot you are too near the water.  Place a towel around your head and the bowl.   Hold hour face above the water for 5 to 10 minutes maximum.   Splash your face with lukewarm water, pat dry and continue your usual facial regime.










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