Aphrodite Chocolates

November 11, 2017

When we set up Beautyclickbox  we wanted to present a curated collection of principled beauty products and lifestyle related products.   We decided to add a chocolate offering to some of our gift boxes purely by accident.  We were presented with a box of Aphrodite chocolates and instantly knew that beauty and chocolates when presented as a chic well thought of gift would work.  Hence the inclusion of Aphrodite chocolates in our gift boxes.

Aphrodite Chocolates is a family run business and specialise in creating luxury handmade chocolates. Based in the heart of Derbyshire their chocolate creations are individual and unusual. They use the finest highest quality couverture chocolate and locally sourced natural ingredients to produce their lovely artisanal chocolate creations.

The chocolates contain no additional additives, sugars or oils, just simply the best chocolate base and natural ingredients.

We have included a box of 8 delicious Aphrodite fruit centered chocolate truffles in some of our gift boxes. The truffles are hand-dipped in white, milk and dark chocolate and have strawberry, blueberry, lime, mango, raspberry, vanilla and lemon and orange mousse like centres.

The chocolates are available in our Deluxe Indulgence, Me Time, Chic Geek, Wind Down, En Rose and World Domination gift boxes.

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