As the Nights Draw In

October 27, 2017

As the nights draw in we look to the use of candles to provide a welcome ambience to our homes.  At Beautyclickbox we’ve always been a fan of candles not only for their illuminating properties but also scent.   Candles light up a room beautifully. provides a cosy and warm atmosphere and can effectively scent a room.

We carry a selection of candles in our gift boxes all naturally made with natural essential oils and scent.   The use of scent has long been known as therapeutic from the use of Lavender to induce sleep and relaxation to the use of Ylang Ylang to help boost mood.  Candles can be used as a relaxation aid and look pretty as well.

Scent is evocative in that it can prompt memories and the essential oils used to infuse scent in the candles we have sourced for our luxury gift boxes have aromatherapeutic benefits.  Soy based candles are environmentally friendly and most importantly, do not produce toxic or harmful chemicals while or after burning.  Soy based candles also disperse scent more effectively as the soy base produces a better fragrance burn when blended with aromatherapeutic essential oils.






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