Spotlight on The Rosetree Apricot and Palmarosa Body Oil

October 16, 2017

Beautyclickbox stocks a number of body oils in our luxury beauty giftbox range.  We have sourced and chosen the Body Oil range from Boutique  Luxury Organic skincare company The Rose Tree and in this article focus on the benefits of  The Rosetree Apricot and Palmarosa oil  which is a light and nourishing, deeply moisturises the skin and leaves a scent of Palmorosa and Apricot.

With the twin benefits of apricot and palmarosa the oil provides luxurious moisturising benefits with the rose like scent of palmarosa.

Apricot kernal oil is high in vitamin A, the essential fatty acids oleic, linoliec and linolenic acids and is easily absorbed by the skin and is good for dry or irritated skin.  Apricot kernal oil is non-greasy and contains a high amount of fatty acids which maintain the balance of moisture in the skin and also helps the skin stay soft and silky.  The Vitaim A helps moisturises and acts as a healing element also making the skin soft and silky.

Apricot Kernal oil also contains Vitamins E and C. The vitamin E in the oil helps maintain the skins elasticity and helps protect the skin from inflammation.  Both Vitamins E and C are a good base for anti-aging.  The vitamin C is good for collagen production which provides the skin with extra firmness and suppleness.   Used with Vitamin E, Vitamin C helps protect against aging skin by reducing fine lines and smoothes the skin.

Palmarosa oil is also known as Turkish or Indian geranium and has a fragrance similar to rose oil.  Like Apricot Kernel oil, Palmarosa has moisturising properties.   Palmarosa has soothing properties and helps the skin retain moisture, and helps the skin to keep soft and looking young.

Palmarosa also contains Vitamin E and limonene making it suitable to use to help treat stretch marks, dry skin and encourage cell regeneration.

Find the Apricot and Palmarosa Body oil in our Luxury En Rose Gift Box.

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