Therapautic Spa Salts

October 14, 2017

Therapeutic bath and spa salts can be an important way of detoxing the body as well as enveloping the body in scented water.  There are a new range of therapeutic salts based on detoxing and purifying principles.

The benefits of therapeautic salts vary based on the ingredients.  Ingredients such as Epsom Salts and Honey for example can help flush out toxins and de-stress the body.  Salt baths can nourish, moisturise, help increase moisture retention and soothe aches and pains and can promote sleep as well as silkening and softening the skin.  We highlight some of the ingredients which can be blended with salts for therapy benefits:

Green Tea:  adding green tea to bath salts can help in lowering cholesterol and help in increasing energy.

Eucalyptus oil :  anti-bacterial and detoxing properties

Ginger:  Can help with nausea and indigestion and has antibacterial properties

Epsom Salts:  Epsom salts have a high concentration of Magnesium which can help with alleviating the symptoms of sore muscles and inflammation.

Lavander:  Helps calm the mind and body

Frankincense: Helps ease stress and anxiety

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